ALCOHOL-FREE 5 Gallon Foaming Hand Sanitizer Pail

ALCOHOL-FREE 5 Gallon Foaming Hand Sanitizer Pail
ALCOHOL-FREE 5 Gallon Foaming Hand Sanitizer Pail
ALCOHOL-FREE 5 Gallon Foaming Hand Sanitizer Pail
ALCOHOL-FREE 5 Gallon Foaming Hand Sanitizer Pail

ALCOHOL-FREE 5 Gallon Foaming Hand Sanitizer Pail Description

$244.50 $369.99

Product Description

New product! Non alcoholic hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant kills germs while keeping your environment safe.

  • 100% made and produced in Indiana, USA
  • Produced in an FDA audited facility in Huntington, Indiana
  • Ships in 2 business days!
  • FREE shipping on all orders
  • NO ALCOHOL formation
  • Perfect for schools and clinics
  • Smells great, fast drying!
  • Kid and pet friendly, mom approved!
  • Non-stick foaming formula
  • Easy-pour spout on every pail!
  • Foaming Hand Sanitizer

LOWEST PRICE guaranteed anywhere online!

$2 from every single order goes to brave frontline workers across the state of Indiana.

The Yellow Turtle is a woman-owned small business with a mission to provide the highest quality hand sanitizer to businesses struggling to reopen amid the global pandemic. 

We use the highest quality materials available, and offer our products at the absolute lowest price you'll find online. That's a promise.

Free Shipping

Yes, that's not a typo. We offer 100% FREE shipping through UPS® Ground on every single order!

If you're ordering a pallet, it still ships free. 

Friggin awesome, you say? Yes, we agree. Because of the volume we ship, we were able to negotiate super awesome rock-bottom shipping prices with UPS. You benefit, we benefit and UPS benefits (maybe). 

Your order will leave our warehouse in Indiana within 2 business days of placing an order.

UPS® Ground typically takes 2-3 business days.

Freight delivery for a pallet of cases takes 3-5 days.


What's the difference between Gel and Liquid?
Gel you use directly on your hands. It's like Purell. But ours is stronger and more effective than most other gel solutions on the marketplace. 

Liquid is perfect for spraying large areas and wiping down surfaces of desks, tables, chairs, floors and countertops.

Both liquid and gel will work perfectly on hands and skin.

Can you ship in bulk?
Yes, if you're ordering a large quantity, please contact us through the form here and one of our experts will get back to you within an hour. We will give you a custom, guaranteed quote for any quantity.

Many of our customers order half truckloads (2,500 gallons) and full truckloads (5,000 gallons). We can ship a truckload order within 3 days. Bulk orders can be shipped containers of any size, ranging from a 1 gallon jug up to a 320 gallon tote.

When will my order arrive?
Your order will ship within 2 business days from our factory in Indiana. We ship UPS® Ground which typically takes 2-3 business days.

For pallets, which ship by truck, please allow 2-3 additional days for delivery.

How much hand sanitizer are you producing?
Our factory is producing up to 900,000 gallons of FDA registered hand sanitizer per week.

What does Yellow Turtle hand sanitizer smell like?
Our hand sanitizer has a lemony and fruity scent, but it's not overpowering. Our non alcoholic sanitizer has zero alcohol in it, and therefore has no alcoholic smell whatsoever.

How do I contact you?
You can email us anytime at if you have any questions regarding any of our products.

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